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Ever since its inception in 1996, TAFS has offered,with a mandate to work for Alumni development at tafs

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"The American Foundation Cambridge School, the school which has always been with me for the past 12 years, craving us into paragons for others to follow, the school never resistants to spend for our betterment. The strict environment, the repetitive implementation of English made us into a really presentable and confident individual.The dynamic team of Mr Asad and Ms Sukaina boasted the school success rate high. These changes have left a notable impact on the performances and results and therefore my siblings are all graduated from TAFCS.The success and publicity of TAFCS in past few months is all due to Mr. Asad and Ms Sukaina,their hard working and the aim of Mr. Hussain has led TAFCS to branch out into the A LEVEL zone.Who can forget the untiring efforts of Mr Hussain, the stray hold, who has seen the worst of days to help TAFCS shine bright in the future."

Shajee Abbas

" Back to 2010 when I first interposed to TAFCS. These 6 years of my life taught me what truly measures perfection, quality and pre - eminence; covering the aspects of adequate learning and predominant staff. TAFCS is a platform that provides a unique blend of healthy education and learning for budding and sharp individuals; in precise for each and every pupil. TAFCS unwavering efforts to facilitate the students have resulted in almost 20 years of excellence and unprecedented success. TAFCS continues to surpass the expectations in its pledge to give students the education which defines true excellence that would not only assist them in their current studies but would help them to develop a whole new polished character that could conceitedly be exposed to the world This institute is an epitome of sterling standard of education, with top notch faculty of town under one roof and comfortable environment; promising a better tomorrow for each of its students."
"Kudos to the ultimate efforts of TAFCS in the past; yet much more awaits! "

Hafsa Fawad

" You have come to the right place if you want to know what it is actually like to be a TAFCS student, indeed the truth of a school can only be told by a student. I am thrilled to share about my experiences, I will graduating in May 2017 from TAFCS. I would probably skip a fair number of things but I hope I hit the highlights. Through TAFCS I am blessed with innumerable guidelines and lessons. It has taught me the principles of life, it has carved my skills and enlarged my capacity of acquiring knowledge, has helped me to groom creativity, has also enlightened with the techniques for upcoming competition and much more. TAFCS management is enabled to establish zeal in their students by utmost hardships to secure the future of every candidate. I have noticed them being very responsible, humble and discipline. They have hired the top notch faculty so that their students could achieve results with flying colours. Another thing that I would appreciate about TAFCS is that along with the enchantment of worldly life they strict students to stick to their religious boundaries as well . Gaining someone's trust is extremely difficult but TAFCS have made me believed in them! "

Nashva Hussain

" I have had a wonderful experience here in TAFCS. The school has developed great leadership skills of the students, under Sir Hussain along with a caring and attentive support from staff of custodians, administration, security and an outstanding group of teachers. The school supports many extracurricular programs to expose children to different topics, through assemblies, after - school enrichment, activities, etc. The environment of the classroom is very peaceful, cool and relaxing with the advanced E - learning system. I am having a great experience at TAFCS. "

Arham Khan

" On the very first day at TAFCS, I was very much impressed by the school's premises. Everything looked attractive. I found the science and computer labs fully equipped with the latest state of art technology. Teachers are highly qualified and renowned teachers . Teachers are co - operative and friendly to assist us in seeking knowledge. The school's security system is highly impressive, trained guards fully armed with weapons were assigned in various parts of premises to ensure the safety of all students and the staff. I found TAFCS one of the best educational provider in all the ways - grooming of skills, leadership qualities, sports, air conditioned classes, renowned faculty members, co-operative staff members. I recommend TAFCS to each and every person who wishes to secure his/ her future and have great skills "

Faris - Bin - Asif

" TAFSAL is a place where milestones are achieved. It contains all the elements that are required to polish students and to give students a good future, therefore the best way to describe TAFSAL would be to say that it is not just a college but a second home for students. Furthermore TAFSAL promotes an idea of bringing change in to our society which differentiates TAFSAL from other colleges, the best thing in TAFSAL is that it provides students an ability to strive for greatness. In the end I will just say that writing few words for TAFSAL wasn't a hard task to do because I can write a whole book on TAFSAL "

Osama Amir

" TAFSAL is that institute to which I was exposed to about 6 years ago.That's when I realized what truly measures perfect quality of education. When it comes to talking about an institute, as per far thought I guess that the staff and management, the quality of education, the degree of success as well as the rules, regulations and policies are of immense recognition. Additionally, what counts is actually the school's aims to render and the facilities it provides students with. Without an iota of doubt, TAFSAL has auspiciously fulfilled all that counts to be an ultimate institute. I've been pampered in this school since 6th grade, having the most qualified and well-versed faculty members of town, who've been a constant helping hand to me since scratch. Besides the well-equipped education, TAFSAL also aided students widen up their mind by arranging curricular and extra-curricular activities such as declamation and elocution contests, cricket and football matches, and other sports events and activities too.Cheers to TAFSAL for turning education into sheer fun, elsewise it would've been vapid. "

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